The Biomedical and Translational Sciences Institute (BTSI) was established in 2021 to advance the University’s basic and scientific research through the development of diagnostic tools, therapies and training. BTIS is committed to providing novel biomedical interventions and education in an effort to enhance the health of individuals and the community.

BTSI’s extensive scientific network aims to lead the translational discourse as a primary site for research discoveries, training, and new technologies relevant to understanding, diagnosing, preventing and treating disease. Through our publications and competitive training opportunities, we aim to translate promising research into compelling patient care.

The BTSI is committed to:

►     increasing the breadth and intensity of the University’s biomedical and translational research

►     identifying and implementing new strategies to ensure that as a result of faculty initiative and institutional commitment the program achieves international prominence

►     energetically pursuing alliances focused on biomedical research with other research institutions and the private sector

►     capitalizing on the unique ability of the University to integrate research with training to prepare a new generation of biomedical scientists and health professionals.